We offer you one series of seasonless accessories a year and aim on designing accessoires that find a permanent place in our selection.


From a desire to be efficient, we prioritise practicality and functionality. You will find our accessories are modular making you able to adjust your accessory to suit any occasion, contributing to a minimalistic wardrobe. Our designs balance progressive with classic beauty, made for now and to last long after. SAM’s are designed for every body.


We care a great deal about how it’s made. It is the part behind the scenes that we find most interesting and love to share with you. Our production takes place in Andalusia, the southern region of Spain, where each piece is handmade. It is essential to us to remain sensible in all our actions, which translates into sourcing materials locally, producing small volumes and working together with environmentally conscious suppliers.


Launched: Jan 2019

Series 1, the first series of SAM, is a modular bag concept made for your essentials: keys, cards, phone, sigarettes and extras. Series 1 is limited to 80 pieces and has 4 color options.